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Our Energy Efficiency Project : On the Importance of Recycling

Climate Change Initiative

Ahl Al-Bait Society, a Leading Example for Energy Efficiency

Awarded £134,431.00 in Jan 2016 to start a 1 year Climate Challenge Funded project in April 2016 with the support of CEMVO Scotland

The Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) is a Scottish Government programme, that we manage and develop.


The Scottish Government has made £10.3 million of funding available through the Climate Challenge Fund for community-led organisations to run one year projects that have a start date of 1 April 2016 and completion date of 31 March 2017. Grants of up to £150,000 are available per project.


Ahl Al-Bait Society determine to reduce CO2e and saving energy through improvement of the community centre building.


2- Ahl Al-Bait Society will raise awareness of Energy Efficiency and Climate Change in Arabic and English languages and this will motivate our community to a low carbon Scotland.


The project will be implemented within the Arab community living in Glasgow. We aim to implement a portfolio of innovation carbon reduction measures and reducing energy  as follows:

  • Improving community building.The building has no roof or wall insulation which contributes to considerable unnecessary heat loss that imposes a large energy cost to the community and subsequently increases the carbon foot print (appendix 6). As a result the community can’t fully use the centre, therefore by improving the building we conserve energy and reduce CO2e, making the centre more attractive to current and new users both from our community and the wider community.Due to increase numbers of families arriving from Iraq in recent years, 4yrs ago, the British army brought 200 families and then another 100 families, this year around 100 plus families are coming from Iraq, therefore the centre will be used as an advice centre during the morning hours with more activities to bring the community together. We are aware that this may also increase carbon foot print of travel to the centre. We will address this problem by giving advise (by youth member volunteers) on alternative ways of transport and encouraging our community to walk or cycle as large number of community members live within walking distance. A steering group of young pupils will be set up to promote Climate Challenge within our community to advice and help with this matter.
    • Carbon awareness workshops

    We will organise a series of awareness workshops for the target residence to support and educate them on household energy savings and carbon reduction measures. We will work together with relevant organisations to provide support and to organise carbon awareness training for the target households. After some training for our community volunteers, we can use our expertise to continue these workshops for our big target to involve everyone in our community for years to come and beyond the project.


    • Home visit advise on Energy Efficiency

    Door to door visits will be done to our target families during the project. Some visitors required male whereas some require a female adviser due to our community culture, therefore, we are planning to recruit two part timers male and female for these visits. We will work with each household and provide guidance, support, distribute energy monitors and advice on one to one basis. Progress will be monitored through project recording ( utility bill readings)/ documenting CO2e for all participate with aim to make these visits to every family in our community continuing after the project finishes to make sure that our community behaviour has changed. We will run workshops with identified delivery partners to provide guidance, support and advice.


    • Support documentary production

    We will develop promotional documents and leaflet on Carbon reduction measures ie recycling, minimise food waste, alternative ways to travels, walking, cycling or public transport


    • Awareness raising through internetWe will develop our own website and raise awareness of Climate Change & Energy Efficiency in Arabic and English languagesThe target audience of this project is Ethnic Minority community mainly Arabic speakers from Iraq, Lebanon and some from the Gulf countries living in Glasgow and we have some visitors from Dundee and Edinburgh who use Ahl Al-Bait society. We use the centre for religious, cultural, educational and social purposes. Children can use the centre to organise Hill walking, Camping and Trips, Youth members can use the centre to socialise and educations purposes, women can use the centre for English and sewing classes. The community working with police and making an open door policy to breakdown barrier to outer community The overall size of community is over 500 families.All activities of the society are family oriented suitable for all members of the community regardless of their age and gender.The aim of the community consultations has been defined as follows1- Improving the fabric of the community centre building at 25 Woodside place in order to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.

      2- Running energy advice sessions with centre visitors and community members which will include giving general energy advice, carrying out home energy checks and providing information and advice on actions to reduce energy consumption (e.g. turning down the thermostat, or switching off equipment, air drying laundry rather than tumble drying etc). This can be done through events, discussion groups, door-to-door contact, leafleting, advice shops, websites, access to government schemes and information about Green Homes cashback and Green Deal schemes with delivery partners such as Home Energy Scotland and GHEAT as our people are more likely to discuss specific issues with trusted energy advisors. These activities will also save people money, combating fuel poverty, while increasing comfort of homes and help to reduce carbon emissions of respective households or improve carbon footprint.


      Key action to reduce energy bill and reduce  CO2e

      • Installation of energy LED lighting and controls in certain areas
      • Install roof and wall insulation
      • Install double or triple glazing
      • Install new heating controls


      Workshops at the centre will educate our people, how to make their homes warmer and more energy efficient by teaching them, how to carry out repairs on draughty window, doors and other DIY improvements. Assistance in undertaking measures would be provided to those unable to undertake DIY work.

      Each participated household will receive a home visit on regular basis and provide them with the energy monitor to check progress and to provide the help and support required and also information about Green Homes cashback and Green Deal schemes. By end of this project, we will have enough people to volunteer to take this forward and encourage every household in our community to take part in energy efficiency.


      Ahl Al-Bait Society Climate Challenge project will aim to empower our community to take actions to tackle climate change which would also make significant contributions to improving health, reducing fuel poverty and improving biodiversity and the quality of the built environment, therefore our plan to do  12 workshops to raise awareness every month during the life of the project  and hopefully will continue to raise the issue after the project finish for ensuring the new behaviour ‘sticks’ for future and this Society will continue mentoring our people to behave in this manner.

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